PH impedance monitoring

As the choices for diagnosing GERD proliferates, it can be really challenging to choose the right steps for clear diagnosis. For comprehensive PH and impedance monitoring at affordable cost, choose PH-Impedance Catheter to give your patient economic and quality care.


The catheter recorder had been updated to provide faster response, better sampling speed and improved user experience.
• Ergonomic and compact design
• Faster sampling speed at 50Hz and high precision.
• 6 default record modes and 2 user-defined modes
• Improved calibration procedure and reduced time.
• Calibration sound alert and log.

Data Analysis Software

New Platform

• Improved centralized patient management.
• Support multiple cases under one name.
• Faster and streamlined calibration process.


• Auto-analysis: Powerful tool that dramatically saves editing time
• Improved data handling and clinical precision.
• Detailed editing choice control over data, event and log.


• Customize and export reports
• Incorporated new clinical standards: Consensus on Porto
• Perform various calculations including SI, SSI and SAP
• Generates pH data analysis table, process Demeester rating automatically.